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About translation

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How to take classes in other languages

The course includes easy Japanese videos and
Use supplementary text


If you are taking e-learning in another language, the videos will be in "easy Japanese". When you select the word you want to use, there is an explanation of the word below the video, so please refer to it while learning.

The video is in easy Japanese.

No matter which language you take the course in, all videos will be in "easy Japanese".

It comes with an explanation of the words.

When you select a word and study it, an "explanation of the word" will appear below the video.

Please also use supporting text.

Please refer to the ``auxiliary text'' and ``translated word collection for each language'' for the words you have chosen while taking the course.

*Before taking the course"Easy Japanese Operation Manual"Please refer to the.

If you would like to take the course in another language,"Easy Japanese (N4): How to choose pages with other words"Please also refer to

in another language (foreign language)
If taking the course

If you select another language (a language other than Japanese) and take the course, the title and description will be displayed with hiragana added.

やさしい日本語で表示されたMy page画面。「勉強を始めるボタン」と「言語を変更する場合のボタン」表示、My pageはすべてやさしい日本語で表示されます。やさしい日本語で表示された受講画面。やさしい日本語の受講動画と、動画の下に表示される、やさしい日本語での単語の説明の一例を表示。

Videos of other words (easy Japanese)


Text and audio explanations will be in "easy Japanese". "Hiragana" is written for kanji.

Click here for easy Japanese sample videos

Text and audio explanations will be in "easy Japanese". "Hiragana" is written for kanji.

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