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認知症介護基礎研修 eラーニング のご案内 認知症介護基礎研修 eラーニング のご案内sp

What is dementia care basic training?

Dementia care basic training will be conducted nationwide from 2016 (Heisei 28) in order to improve the base of care staff based on the Comprehensive Dementia Measures Promotion Strategy (New Orange Plan) formulated in January 2015 (Heisei 27). This is a training that started in . Starting in 2021 (Reiwa 3), all training can now be learned via e-learning. By thoroughly learning the basics, from the current situation surrounding dementia to specific nursing care concepts, we will provide training so that you can learn the correct nursing care methods and confidently provide dementia care.

The training will be mandatory for unqualified caregivers working at nursing care facilities nationwide (with some exemptions) from fiscal 2021, and will be completed by taking an e-learning course (about 150 minutes*) on basic training for dementia caregivers.

*The total course time will vary from person to person, as it will take about 150 minutes to watch the video, as well as time for confirmation tests, self-work, etc.

content of study

Dementia care basic training e-learning is based on the standard curriculum set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the subject ``Basics of understanding and responding to people with dementia,'' which you will learn in order by watching lecture videos and answering confirmation tests.

It is divided into an introduction and four chapters, and you can proceed with your studies by watching lecture videos (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) of multiple learning topics prepared for each chapter. After completing each chapter, you will take a confirmation test. In the confirmation test, you will be asked 5 questions related to the content learned in the video in a (cross) format, and if you answer all questions correctly, you will be able to move on to the next chapter.

学習内容の流れ図 研修の目的へのリンク 序章 認知症を取り巻く現状へのリンク 第1章 認知症ケアにおいて基礎となる理念や考え方へのリンク 第2章 認知症の定義と原因疾患へのリンク 第3章 認知症の中核症状と行動・心理症状の理解へのリンク 第4章 認知症ケアの基礎技術へのリンク 修了書へのリンク

Confirmation tests are conducted in each chapter, and if all questions are answered correctly, you can proceed to the next step. The course is completed when all the learning is completed.

Dementia care basic training e-learning
You can choose the training method according to your situation.

Procedures for taking the course


business office


<What you need to prepare>

●Nursing insurance office number

●Business office representative email addressIf you have multiple offices, you will need an email address for each office.

After registration, the office code will be
It will arrive by email

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of the students


<What you need to prepare>

●Business office code, business namePlease check with the representative of the office.

●Email addressOne email address is required for each student

After registration, you will receive a user ID (login ID) by email.

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tuition fee
make payment

支払いアイコン1 支払いアイコン2

<What you need to prepare>

●Tuition feeArea designated by Sendai Centeris 3,000 yen
Other areasto each implementing organization.
Please contact us

After confirming the payment, you can start the course.
You will receive a notification email

Log in with your user ID and password and start the course.

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Tuition fee payment by business

If you pay the tuition fee at your office, you will need to complete the license key purchase procedure.


Business login


<What you need to prepare>

●Business office code

●Business office representative email address(This is the representative email address set at the time of business registration)

A verification code will be sent to your representative email.

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license key

購入イメージ1 購入イメージ2

●At onceFor 1 to 50 peopleYou can purchase a license key for

●Choose from three payment methods
・Credit card payment
·Bank transfer
·Convenience store settlement

You will receive an email notifying you that the license key is available.

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To target participants
license key


●Each student's registration
Is required(Requires office code)

●Register the license key distributed to the target participants.