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dementia care
What is basic training?

Dementia care basic training


The Dementia Care Basic Training is a training program aimed at first-time care workers that is included in the "Dementia Care Practitioner Training Project," which began nationwide in 2001.
The Dementia Care Practitioner Training Project aims to train specialized staff in dementia care and to improve dementia care by providing training for dementia care leaders, training for dementia care leaders, and dementia care practice leader training for each target group. "Dementia Care Practitioner Training" and "Dementia Care Basic Training."
In particular, the Dementia Care Basic Training is an introductory training course for learning the basics of dementia care.

standard set by the country
curriculum[Notification No. 0406 No. 5, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Director-General of the Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly, Regarding Partial Amendments to the “Implementation of the Training Project for Dementia Care Practitioners” (April 6, 2021)]

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has established the standard curriculum for dementia care basic training as follows regarding "training aims," "target audience," and "learning content."


Those involved in dementia care will acquire basic knowledge and skills to provide person-centered care, as well as ways of putting it into practice, while emphasizing the perspectives of the person with dementia and their family, and will take a team approach. To be able to provide basic services as a member of the organization.

Target audience

Nursing care staff, etc. who are engaged in business offices where nursing care insurance facilities, business operators, etc. conduct the relevant business.

Qualifications that are exempt from training requirements

  • ●Doctor, dentist, pharmacist
  • ●Nurses, associate nurses
  • ●Certified care workers, those who have completed practical training, those who have completed training for first-time care workers, those who have completed training for living support workers, those who have completed the basic training course for care workers or the first-class or second-class training courses for visiting caregivers.
  • ●Physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, massage therapist, acupuncture therapist, massage therapist
  • ●Registered dietitian, nutritionist
  • - Social workers, nursing care support specialists, mental health welfare workers, etc.

Nursing Care Insurance Latest Information Vol. 934, March 16, 2021, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Elderly Health Bureau, refer to each service standard, nursing care services, operational standards, and ensuring work structure.


1 Current situation surrounding people with dementia

  • ●Overview of dementia measures
    (Dementia Policy Promotion Outline)

2 Concepts that serve as criteria for judgment when providing specific care

  • ●Basic philosophy and way of thinking
  • ●Maintaining dignity and eliminating prejudice and misunderstandings
  • ●What is decision-making support in daily life and social life?

3 Basic knowledge necessary to understand people with dementia

  • ● Symptoms of dementia and their impact on life and psychology
  • ●Factors that affect the appearance of symptoms

4 Knowledge and practical points regarding basic dementia care techniques

  • ●Basic dementia care methods including a team care perspective
  • ●How to support family caregivers

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